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Bishop O’Byrne High School has a strong Guidance Counselling Department focused on serving the needs of our students in the areas of:

  • Career counselling

  • Scholarship information

  • Personal/social counselling

  • Post-secondary information

  • Referrals to support services

  • School nurse referrals

  • Resource Officer referrals

  • Educational testing referrals

  • Summer school information

  • AADAC Referrals


Bishop O’Byrne High School is very fortunate to have a school chaplain. Services for our learning community are provided in the areas of spiritual leadership, counselling, retreats, daily prayer, justice and peace and linking to the local parishes.


The faculty at Bishop O’Byrne High School is dedicated to providing an effective teacher advisor program for all students. TA groupings are multi-graded, linking the student to the teacher advisor, from grade 10 registration through to graduation. All stakeholders in the TA program have roles and responsibilities (teacher advisors, subject teachers, students, parents). This shared responsibility ensures a successful high school experience for students at Bishop O’Byrne High School. 


Teacher Advisor Responsibilities            

  • Meets with students during TA period            

  • Leads students in TA prayer                

  • Monitors attendance of advisees

  • Provides advisees with TA news and announcements               

  • Maintains contact with parents regarding attendance and academic achievement

  • Refers advisees to support personnel as necessary (Administration, Student Services, etc.)

  • Coordinates LSP information for coded students

  • Works collaboratively with students and parents to complete graduation plan throughout 10,11,12


Student Responsibilities

  • Attends all TA periods

  • Reviews academic progress on D2L regularly

  • Follows school attendance procedures

  • Advises TA and subject teachers of significant issues that may influence student learning

  • Works collaboratively with TA, counsellor and parents to complete graduation plan


The School Resource Officer (SRO) program operates as an agreement between the Calgary Police Service, the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic School District.

School Resource Officers are sworn law enforcement officers with the Calgary Police Service who are placed in schools. A School Resource Officer generally possesses a background in working with youth and community-based programs. The officers provide a visible and positive image of law enforcement. They are usually seen as a friend or mentor to students rather than a uniformed officer. The officers provide advice and guidance, and can assist in instances of bullying and school violence.

The program is committed to fostering partnerships among law enforcement, the school and the community. It helps to ensure safe school environments, successful students and productive citizens.

School Resource Officers have a strong relationship with Crime Stoppers​. When tips are related to a high school the SRO is assigned to, the tip will generally go directly to the officer to be dealt with. This partnership helps the officer to identify offenders with their knowledge of the students and repeat offenders.


In addition to the regular timetable, Instructional Support Sessions are provided before and after school by subject teachers to support students.  The Instructional Support Sessions are  optional for students and attendance is not taken. Students who have additional questions about course material are encouraged to attend these sessions.  A schedule of Instructional Support Sessions is available at the beginning of each semester. 


Completing high school opens doors to better jobs, higher wages, and acts as a gateway to post-secondary institutions. In Calgary, however, many youth are not graduating from high school on time (within three years of starting Grade 10). Poverty, mental health issues, language barriers, and lack of positive supports prevent many young Calgarians from graduating with their classmates.

In 2012, 25% of Calgary youth were not completing high school on time. Today, that number has been reduced to 20%—thanks in part to All In for Youth, a citywide movement focused on increasing and addressing high school completion.

All In for Youth provides innovative solutions to help youth stay in school, complete school, and successfully transition to the workforce and adulthood. This initiative connects youth to positive adults, removes financial and social barriers to high school completion, and encourages varied paths of learning and success.

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