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At Bishop O’Byrne we feel very strongly that every student should consider accepting the challenges of enrolling in honours course work.  The reason is simple.  The educational experience they will receive through this program will enhance and strengthen the skills that they will continue to use throughout high school IB courses and in continued post-secondary programs.

Grade 10 Honours and Grade 11/12 IB course work is for students who have the drive and are willing to work diligently during their high school years.  These are the people we believe should become Bishop O’Byrne International Baccalaureate students.


Grade 10 Honours Program

Grade 10 students are able to register in Honours courses in preparation for the International Baccalaureate Programme.  The Honours Program provides challenging course material based on the grade 10 programs of study.  Students in grade 10 Honours are grouped together for their core program courses.

The I.B. Learner Profile

The IB learner profile represents 10 attributes valued by IB World Schools. We believe these attributes, and others like them, can help individuals and groups become responsible members of local, national and global communities.

The Learner Profile is an important part of our daily conversations with students in classroom settings, in the hallways at break times and during co-curricular activities.

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