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CTS engages students in learning opportunities to discover their interests in practical and purposeful ways:

  • Explore an occupation or an area of interest

  • Acquire specialized skills required in the workplace

  • Apply learning from academic courses to real-life situations

  • Tailor high school courses towards a desired career path

  • Courses are made up of individual one credit courses (either 3, 4, or 5 credits)


Communication Technology 10 (3 credits)

This is a 3 credit course where students are introduced to general lab procedures and become involved in digital photography, animation, print media, computer graphics and design.


Community Leadership 10

Developing effective lifetime leadership and interpersonal skills are the primary goals of this course.  Using an interactive and hands on approach, students work on developing their responsibility, communication, problem solving, decision making, team building, goal setting, time management and conflict resolution skills.  This is done through project planning, organization and implementation of a large and small class project.  Students taking this course should be intrinsically motivated to make a difference within the school, community and even globally.  All leadership students are required to complete mandatory volunteer component. 

Prerequisite: None.  There is an additional fee for students choosing this class.


Computing Science 10

This is a 3 credit designed to provide students with an introduction to many topics in the computer world.  Students will gain knowledge in computer operations, hardware, software, and coding.  Students will also learn how to create algorithms and write structured programs using computer programming languages to solve problems and build games.  This is an academic course therefore strong math and computational thinking skills are an asset.


Construction Technology 10

The 3 credit course is designed for the beginning woodworker who likes hands-on projects.  Students will learn the safe use of hand and power tools to build useful products out of various types of wood and wood products.  Students will develop planning and layout skills, as well as basic joinery skills and the appropriate order of operations needed for construction.    


Design Studies 10

This course is for students who are interested in technical drawing, architecture, creative problem solving and the world of industrial design.  The 3 modules offered are introductory and will be completed by hand except for one project in the last module – 3D design, where students will work with Sketchup.


Fashion Studies 10

Fashion Studies, offered at all three levels for three or five credits, is a course offered for students of all experience levels.  Students will complete 1-2 mandatory modules at each grade level and then select modules based on their skills and interests.  The mandatory modules cover basic pattern and sewing skills while completing garments or items of the students choosing.  The non-mandatory modules offer a wide variety of projects for students to choose from.  Students have the option to earn credits in addition to the credits offered in the course, as guided by the teacher.


Financial Management 10

This is a 3-credit course designed for students to explore concepts that affect the finances of an individual and are introduced to accounting and terminology unique to financial accounting.  They become familiar with financial statements, generally accepted accounting principles and how to complete the accounting cycle for a service business including preparing financial statements and closing accounts. 


Foods 10

This is a 3-credit course where students will learn safe and sanitary food handling procedures, equipment care, comprehension of recipes and the importance of efficient work habits.  Students will also learn skills using milk products, eggs, and a wide range of available vegetables and fruits; examining how to retain their nutritional value and quality through a variety of preparation and presentation methods.


Information Processing 10

This introductory course introduces home, office and business application skills to students using word processing software, spreadsheet software and tools used for computerized presentations.  Students will have the opportunity to train in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  

Prerequisite: None, however some computer knowledge is an asset.


Legal Studies 10

Students completing this course will have an understanding of basic and practical information about the law.  Topics will include Private Law, Public Law, and Relationship Law.

Prerequisite: None.


Mechanics 10

This course is an introduction to mechanical tools, engine theory and operation, vehicle electronics, and basic steering and suspension systems.  Shop work includes hand skills projects, tire mounting, balance and repair, engine disassembly, and electrical diagnosis and repair


Robotics Technology 10

This 3 credit course centers around making an Arduino Nano Sumobot.  Students learn how to fabricate a circuit board, populate it with components, how to solder, and use of a multimeter to analyze their circuitry.  Once the circuitry is complete, students build a chassis, program the nano, and then compete against classmates in a sumo robot competition. 

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